Make It Work - Conventional Fire Alarms - Mobile PDF

Make It Work - Conventional Fire Alarms - Mobile PDF

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The Technician’s Essential Guide to Understanding Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Douglas Krantz
5 Megabyte PDF Download customized for Mobile Devices
154 Pages - Over 70 Drawings

Douglas Krantz’s “Make It Work – Conventional Fire Alarms” concentrates on the life-safety aspects and the construction of conventional of fire alarm systems.

When you receive a fire alarm system, you receive an installation manual. The installation manual is more of a “wire-landing” manual showing what wires to use, and where to land them to have a complete fire alarm system. It does not show you how to fix the fire alarm system when it fails to work, either when it’s first installed, or later when faults occur.

The book goes into why conventional fire alarm system circuits are done the way they are, including some general theory of operation needed to maintain fire alarm systems.